Banana-Infused Whiskey

I’m a big whiskey person (as evident from my boozy desserts) and when I saw this banana-infused whiskey in the weekend section of the WSJ, I knew I had to replicate it for myself. The recipe only involved two ingredients and four days. Of course I had to do this for myself!

And boy, was it oh so delicious! I was slightly hesitant about buying a bottle of Jameson because it’s slightly pricier than my beloved Jim Beam (which I’ve found to be a perfect balance between cheap whiskey and good whiskey) but I’m so glad I did anyway. The bananas take the bite out of whiskey, and what you’re left with is a smooth, almost honeyed liquid that smells like bananas and tastes a little sweet going down your throat. It’s perfect just by itself on the rocks. Which reminds me, I really should invest in some rocks glasses if I’m about to be drinking more whiskey… drinking alcohol in a mug really isn’t very cool.

This is probably the rocks glass I’d want if I were going about getting rocks glasses.

This is a Matterhorn glass from Tale. Isn’t it exceedingly exquisite? It makes me want to see the Matterhorn, now.

Banana-Infused Jameson
From The Wall Street Journal
3 bananas, peeled and sliced
1 750ml bottle Jameson Irish Whiskey

Place bananas and Jameson into a sealed container for three to four days. (It doesn’t have to be refrigerated!) Strain out banana slices using a mesh strainer and discard. The infusion should be slightly viscous and cloudy—this gives the drink its unique texture, body and flavor. Pour infused Jameson back into container or bottle. Serve in a rocks glass with a single cube.

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