Key Lime Pie with Ginger Almond Crust

I inherited some limes from my workplace's Frozen Drink Friday happy hour, and made a key lime pie. This is probably my first deliberate endeavor into slightly more gluten-free baking. I had some almond flour left over from my macaron-making adventures (which turned out to be quite dissatisfactory, and is the reason why no mention … Continue reading Key Lime Pie with Ginger Almond Crust

From-Scratch Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bars

I already have a seven layer bar recipe on this blog, but this one deserves a post on its own because it's even more homemade. Usually seven layer bars are made with graham crackers, canned condensed milk, sweetened coconut flakes and chocolate chips. All highly processed stuff, and I've a great disdain for things that … Continue reading From-Scratch Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bars

Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches translates into "three milks", and that's what makes this nondescript cake so delicious. The three milks are heavy cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk, and this mixture is poured over the light, airy cake that then soaks up the milks overnight. Conceptually, this cake is similar to a tiramisu, where a cake is … Continue reading Tres Leches Cake

Cookie Dough Chunk Cookies

I've always thought the idea of putting cookie dough in ice cream was one of the best things to happen to food. Everyone likes licking off cookie dough batter, so why not add some of that slightly gritty dough into smooth creamy ice cream? So I thought of my other favorite desserts I could put … Continue reading Cookie Dough Chunk Cookies