How to Use This Blog

…the way I intended it.

One of the reasons why I created this blog is that I need a better way of keeping track of the recipes I’ve tried. Categorizing by dessert type is helpful, but not very effective when I want to use up a particular ingredient. I don’t have a big family to bake for, and hence I don’t use up perishables as quickly as I’d like. I like to look for recipes that help me to use up certain ingredients. With that in mind, I have tagged every post with the special ingredients that go into it. I don’t tag ingredients that every baker’s pantry should have, like flour, eggs, butter and sugar, but ingredients that you might only buy for a specific recipe, like buttermilk, heavy cream, and cream cheese are tagged.

almond flour almonds applesauce bacon bailey's bananas bourbon bran buttermilk butterscotch chips caramel carrots chocolate chocolate chips cinnamon cocoa powder condensed milk cranberries cream cheese eggless ginger graham crackers half and half heavy cream honey lemon limes maple syrup milk molasses oatmeal olive oil pecans rum rye flour shredded coconut sour cream strawberries walnuts whiskey white chocolate whole wheat flour yeast yogurt zucchini

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