About Me

My name is Jin Chua, and I am a UX researcher in New York City. As a form of release I like to keep myself sane by getting my hands dirty in the kitchen and licking cake batter off mixing bowls. This blog is primarily a collection of dessert recipes, and my thoughts about them. Some of the recurring topics you will see on this blog are things like my lack of baking equipment (which will hopefully change some time in the future and now I have a KitchenAid! :D) and the fact that I primarily bake for one. Therefore, you might sometimes see a string of posts that, say, feature heavy cream because cream goes bad quickly and I don’t like to waste food.

Outside of dessert, I also really enjoy eating out at restaurants and drinking cool cocktails, and you can get the dirty details on my Yelp page.

Also, you may make me happy by buying me anything on my wishlist.

To talk to me, feel free to email me at jinwantsdessert@gmail.com.

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